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Scottish Traditional Boat Festival
The 2024 Boat Festival takes place on 22nd & 23rd June.
This is a fantastic occasion with something for everyone, a real family event, which draws up to 15,000 people to Portsoy each year.
The festival is a combination of, History (maritime and rural), Creativity (crafts, music and art), Activity (sailing, rowing and so much more), Food and Drink (the very best of the region), all in the superb natural setting of Portsoy's harbour.
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Portsoy Harbour
Portsoy Harbour is well over 300 years old, possibly the oldest natural harbour in Europe. It was completed in 1693, with the new harbour following in 1825, to cater for the ever increasing demand from the herring fishing fleet.
Around the Old Harbour are a number of impressive buildings that date back to the end of the 1600s or early 1700s.
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The Salmon Bothy, Portsoy
The Portsoy Salmon Bothy is a very exciting attraction in Portsoy and contains, amongst other things,
* A museum, housing information on the fascinating history of Portsoy and the surrounding area and the salmon fishing industry.
* A centre for genealogical research.
* A facility for performance, creative arts and traditional skill development, "Upstairs at the Bothy".
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Loch Soy
Just a stone's throw from the hotel is the small but beautiful Loch Soy.
You can enjoy a stroll, have a picnic or even fish in and around the small Loch.
In the summer months you can be brave and hire a boat.
There is a play area for the children to enjoy as well.
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Walks in and around Portsoy
From Portsoy harbour there are walks both east and west, where some of the best clifftop views of the Moray Firth can be seen.
Walk west past the old outdoor swimming pool all the way to Sandend and, if you are fairly fit, onto Findlater Castle or even Cullen.
Walk east past the beach and caravan site to Boyne Castle, and beyond to Whitehills.
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Portsoy Marble
The Portsoy Marble shop (Tel: 01261 842404) is housed in a smart building to one side of the harbour. It sells numerous mineral and crystal objects, local pottery and knitwear. Apparently, the Portsoy marble is actually polished Serpentine, and is cut from a vein of Serpentine which runs across the braes to the west of the harbour.
Portsoy Marble was greatly appreciated for its beauty and was used in the construction of parts of Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles.



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